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Empleos.io is a new technology platform that brings Blockchain and Machine Learning into the online recruiting market. Our platform transforms traditional recruiting process into a decentralized blockchain environment. It simplifies and incentivizes the “job seekers” in their career search while offering time and cost saving advantages to employers.

Our platform intends to disrupt the hiring process where the employers no longer need to buy access to resume databases from big jobs portals. They pay a small fee (in tokens) directly to a job seeker eliminating the need for intermediaries. Further, users of Empleos.io have the opportunity to earn tokens by using our platform.

We introduce our utility token PLEO which is used for all the payments between platform users. PLEO mission is to become a standard means of payments on Labour Market including Online Recruitment, Freelance Jobs, Payroll and third-party value-added services. Our goal is to create a seamless experience for users, popularizing use of cryptocurrencies among people who are still not aware of crypto market and its opportunities.

Contrary to how Bitcoin works, there is no need to mine new tokens or use high computational power to run our platform so it has almost zero impact on the natural environment (green).

Empleos.io platform is a working MVP which is currently on beta stage of development. The long term goal of our project is to expand the platform globally to all major domestic online recruitment markets.

Problems & Solutions



Real talent is becoming extremely difficult to find and hire. There’s a lot of competition in the market. Both employers and recruiting agencies struggle to find and hire the right candidate.

Solution: Empleos.io platform incentivizes candidates to submit their resumes to our database offering token benefits even to candidates who do not look for a new job but could accept an attractive job offer.

Low quality resumes

Big jobs portals are full with low quality (empty, incomplete, low-trust) resumes. Some employers are discouraged in using resume search functionality because of this issue. It’s very time-consuming task for a hiring manager to come across many resumes of questionable quality.

Solution: Empleos.io platform encourages candidates to have high quality trustworthy resumes by using point based reward system, machine learning and human resumes assessment.

High hiring costs

Employers and recruiting agencies pay a lot of money to big jobs portals for accessing their resume databases. The overall hiring cost is increasing constantly.

Solution: Empleos.io platform disrupts the way employers are accessing candidates resumes and significantly lowers the cost of this process offering direct access to a resume for a low price paid directly to a candidate.

Closed technology platforms

There are a plenty of technology solutions for the online recruitment market and the vast majority of them are closed platforms. Once employers adopt a specific platform they become stuck with it because moving to another one is painful and expensive. Many of those platforms use outdated technologies. There’s no opportunity for third-parties to offer alternative tools for those platforms.

Solution: Empleos.io platform is completely open. It offers a comprehensive API for any third-parties who wish to develop alternative tools and solutions for Empleos platform.

Platform Components

Empleos.io platform will contain the following structural elements:

  • Blockchain (based on NEM) for storing transaction data
  • Global Job Board
  • Decentralized database for storing users profiles data
  • Deep machine intelligence for resume profile analysis and search optimization
  • Mobile client apps for Android and iOS
  • Open API for third-party developers

Technical Architecture

Empleos Technical Architecture

Machine Learning

We intend to use cutting edge deep learning algorithms to screen and approve profile creation process. We believe that by leveraging deep learning algorithms we can improve the quality of candidate profiles listed on empleos.io site and also reduce the time and cost it takes for employers to find the ideal candidate.

Empleos Machine Learning